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March 18, 2019

Dear Sarah,

I cannot remain silent. Along with the rest of the world I grieve for the people lost in the terrorist attack in New Zealand.

I spent a year there as an exchange student and came to love not only my family but the beautiful country in which they live.  New Zealanders are an open, generous people who handle their differences with words not weapons.

If such an attack can happen there, even if it's committed by an Australian, then obviously it can happen anywhere.

Hateful rhetoric is not innocent, and a failure to condemn white supremacy has horrific consequences. 

We must speak up and speak out.

Your Muse

Oct. 1, 2018

Dear Sarah,

Along with other women of the world I cannot remain silent. I watched  Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh speak. I have my own views on who was more believable, but clearly what was needed was an FBI investigation.

I admire both the friendship between Flake and Coons and the result it fostered: a one-week FBI investigation.

Then I hear this morning that the investigation may in fact be a sham, limited in scope to say we did what you women asked us to do.

If politicians think they have seen the wrath of women and can deal with it, they know very little about us!

We shall be the change that is so necessary in Washington.

Your  Muse

Dear Muse:

I didn't think you'd take this lying down. I also want a legitimate investigation and begin to fear we may not have one. 

Like you I am pleased to see how a Democrat and a Republican can be friends and compromise to do what's right for the country. This is what we need. Compromise is not a dirty word. It is the way great things get accomplished.


September 1, 2018

Dear Sarah,

John McCain died, and we should all mourn. I didn't share his politics, but I do share his sense of decency and morality. He held strong beliefs, but he was willing to work in a birpartisan way to try to solve our nation's problems, not with hatred  but with respect and courage.

May we find more men and women like him to serve our country. 

Your Muse

March 26, 2018

Dear Sarah,

I drove to the DC "March for our Lives" over the weekend. I went because I wanted to support these young people. What I saw were articulate youth committed to democracy and voting to achieve the government they want.  What they want, what I want, are sensible gun laws, laws to make us all safer and save lives. They want their representatives to be responsive and responsible. No one wants to take guns away from hunters or from people who wish to protect their families.  

I hope you can get letters from many sides of this issue, all expressed with respect for one another.

Your Muse.

Response: I hope the same. Sarah

February, 2018

Dear Sarah,

I must write. I didn't realize until a few weeks ago that Putin's greatest triumph was not meddling in our elections. It was sewing the seeds of discord within our country. 

He has managed to make Americans hate fellow Americans. Many now think of citizens  who disagree with them as the enemy. 

Putin must be as amazed at his success as terrorists were when they brought down the twin towers with two airplanes.

We all love our country and that should mean we love the citizens within it. We are not the enemy. 

I hope we will find a way to elect men and women to Congress who believe in compromise and have not been seduced by the wish for power or money.

We must try to secure the voting rolls and the voting booths from outside intervention. That means we must all be active citizens--not to demonize those who disagree with us, but to stand up for the principles that have made our country great.

Your Muse.

Dear Muse,

Amen to all of that. Maybe we need more members of the Coffee Party who seek the common ground.


Dear Sarah,

How can we allow our country to sink into a morass of hatred, violence, and prejudice? 

Of course, we have never been a country free of prejudice and cruelty. But we have  never seen it endorsed as something reasonable before.

We are better than this.

Your muse

Sarah's response:

Dear Muse,

I hope you take comfort in people who are speaking out for decency and the need to look at what unites us rather than what divides us. I am. They are achieving some results. 

Do I wish Congress could work in a bipartisan way to achieve solutions to our biggest problems like immigration, health care and taxes? Of course I do.

Perhaps one day that will happen.  


Dear Sarah:

How satisfying to read good mystery writers and how frustrating to try to make sense of current politics!  

Some authors I have enjoyed so much I experienced the same book multiple ways – books, audio, and movies. I used to try to understand what is happening politically with a variety of divergent inputs as well – different networks, different print media and variety of hosts and yet it is mostly frustrating. 

No one situation gives enough perspective to understand the character of people in leadership positions. It is the cumulative set of behaviors, actions and expressed attitudes that allow us to trust who the leader actually is and where he or she is likely to lead us. 

For mystery readers the most loved “Chief Inspectors” use an identifiable set of analytical skills and interpersonal styles and apply them to a wide variety of situations. A sense of the true character of political leaders is very difficult because there is no cumulative, objective understanding of who they are. Switch networks and the analysis can be a day and night difference.  

The comparison of the enduring Chief Inspectors verses the lack of consistency of Trump over any issue from the beginning of a sentence to the end of the sentence is unsettling. (Of course it helps that there is one expert to create the consistency of a fictional character).

With politicians there are sharp polarities in the analysis of their character. Was Hilary a crook or the most qualified candidate based on her experience? Is Trump a good business man who can fix America’s problems using business skills?  The election is over so it is Trump’s character and other leaders in the news that we have to try to understand.

In a good mystery there is usually a murder or two so it is not that the characters are all “good”.  The characters run the gamut of thoughts, experiences, emotions and actions. The detective sorts through the history and looks at the character of the suspects and intuits the who, the motivation and the how. The good result is when she can put together a “story” with evidence that the jury will believe beyond a reasonable doubt. Our national leaders too are dealing with a complex set of people – congress, constituents, media, other countries etc. They also have to lay out a case or story that invites us to believe them beyond a reasonable doubt.  

As we look at fictional Chief Inspectors like Louise Penny’s Gamache, Colin Dexter’s Morse and Lewis and PD James’ Adam Dalgliesh we see very different characters but each with enduring staying power with the public. I am longing for some national leaders that can reveal who they are beyond their partisan positions and show us character that is consistent enough that we can trust the likelihood that they are up to doing a complex job.