Too Many Crooks Spoil the Plot

I came to Atlanta

I had a great time  

Friday, November 16th at                                                  

Tall Tales Book Store, 2:00 pm 

2105 Lavista Rd. #108 Atlanta, GA 30329

I met old friends and new ones and came away with a great recipe. Owner Rebekah Hagedorn  provided everything including a wonderful recipe (see my recipe page). 

One participant recommended a mystery series he loved--Murder in Time by  Julie McElwain, which I will buy this week from Tall Tales.

Too Many Crooks Spoil the Plot is the first of three Ditie Brown Mysteries.

Published by Lyrical Underground and Kensington Press

Second book, Into the Frying Pan, comes out in May 2019

Meet Ditie Brown

Ditie Brown (otherwise known as Mabel Aphrodite Brown) MD is a pediatrician, lover of children and animals, single, and restless when an old childhood friend turns her life upside down.

Murder in Atlanta

Ditie can't run away from murder, not with two small children to protect. Is Sandler's Soda's new secret product worth dying for or is the murder more personal? 

Meanwhile, people must eat

Share some of Ditie's favorite family friendly recipes at the back of the book.

Try the best chocolate cake you'd ever want to eat. Find the recipe for Mexican Chocolate Cake on my weekly recipe page. 

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